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Amity’s Newest Femdom Novels

Erection on Demand, the Ultimate Femdom Medical Study

The ultimate medical study trains erection-reluctant men to erect on demand. Wherever. Whenever.

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Debbie's Gift, a 21st century Femdom classic by Amity Harris

This is my Femdom classic story of complete male sex slave training fully rewritten in ebook format.

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Meet Amity Harris

Amity Harris is a lifestyle Domme who writes Femdom stories about her slave boys and girls and shares many online for free for years. You can find her Femdom novels and short story collections at Amazon. Amity has trained boys remotely online and produced scores of obedient submissives. Amity does occasional paid online training if the submissive interests her.


Amity’s boy, sissy & femsub training

Amity Harris trains her own submissives of several genders. She is an expert online trainer and produces males that know how to serve her well. Take a peek into how Amity trains her subs and slaves.

Online training

On occasion, Amity trains online and you pay for the privilege. Use the contact form to explain why Amity might consider training you.

BOY SUBS Amity’s boys know that they live in her stable, whether on her estate or remotely. They are trained intensely every day. Her boys learn to love that they have only one goal: they serve Ms. Amity in any way she demands.

SISSIES Amity enjoys training sissies and keeps a few. They make good servants for her and her guests. They receive makeup and clothing training and serve at her get-togethers. Ms. Amity rents out her sissies to other Dominants – female and male – so they pay for their own keep.

BIG GIRLS Ms. Amity loves her own loyal girl subs and particularly enjoys big girls with huge bosoms and bellies. She expects that her females will submit with her entire substantial bodies. She controls every part of her girls and does not allow safewords.

Amity’s Femdom Books