About Amity Harris


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Amity Harris is one of the web’s original Femdom authors and her website, Amityworld.com, provides Femdom stories to the world. Her first book and best-seller, Debbie’s Gift, took the online world by storm. In 2015, she published her first e-Book, The Training Farm, a 330+ page novel that explicitly demonstrates how to train males into a perfect herd with the animal instincts women want! An expert in orgasm denial with her submissives, Amity allows no limits with her toys. She trains fledgling Dommes in the nuances of Femdom and lives her life with no restraints. Her boys are trained to be perfect slaves for her and she shares them with her close Domme friends. Amity’s writing is real because it draws on life with her Mule and with the boys and girls she has turned into what she wants. Her writing is explicit, combines her reality with her fantasies, and is always safe, sane, consensual and adult.


Amity has featured many well-known as well as up-and-coming photographers and artists on her site. Ever since Congress started meddling in the online world, Amity has removed even artistic photographs that are explicit representations of sexual activity. Until Congress decides to take its hands off the free and open exchange of ideas and art, please do not send photographs for posting on this site. Amity thinks that’s a real shame!


Amityworld.com has always been a free site and Amity hopes it always will be. Through gracious hosting from The Stockroom, who believes as she does that free speech ought to be free, Amity has been able to be not just a noted Femdom writer for more than 20 years, but also one of the core members of the sharing community. In 2015, this site was rebuilt and is now responsive for mobile devices! This site talks to men and women who believe in safe, sane, consensual and adult decisions and sexual / sensual play.